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Speed Devil 49's Page


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if there's something you don't understand, it's here...

Welcome to the glossary. This section is incase there is a word on this site you may not understand about. Here's an example of how it works...


Pronounciation (only on my slang)
Example's as simple as that. Lets get started then, shall we.


Pronounced like Liar, but with an N instead of a R
This word stands for Not In A Row.
Example - Alternative = Play VS Mode 400 Times. (NIAR)


Pronounced like eye.
NOI is another one of my slangs, this time, it stands for Not Occupying an Item.
Example - B-down=Vegetable - pulls a vegetable out of the ground (NOI)


This word, if you hadn't already guessed, means to charge an attack. Attacks like Mewtwos Shadow Ball and Samus' Charged Shot, you only need to press the button and it will automatically charge. While attacks like Ness' PK Flash and Sheiks Charge Needle Shot you need to hold the button and release when ready.
Example - B=PK Flash - powers up a flash of PSI (charge)


3rd is my slang for, Third Jump. If you use a third jump attack, you'll just fall, but some characters can still make it back.
Example - B-up=Spin Attack - spins sword attacking all enemies in range (3rd)


Rapid, incase you didn't know, means to attack continuously (non-stop) a combo. Take Foxs new blaster for example, if you continue to press B, you get Rapid fire.
Example - B=Blaster - shoots laser, but doesn't stop the enemy (rapid)


Reflector is like rebounding an object. Say Pikachu shoots a Thunder Jolt towards Fox. If Fox uses his B-down move, the Thunder Jolt will start bouncing back towards Pikachu, and if it connects, Pikachu takes the shock.
Example - B-forward=Cape - turns other characters around (reflector)


Like reflectors, deflectors bounce objects off of them, but unlike them, the bounced off attack is immediately useless.
Example - B-forward=Confusion - throws enemy in the air (deflector)


Absorbers are like deflectors, except they clean up the mess and your health. If an arwing shoots Ness and Ness has his PSI Magnet, he'll be healed.
Example - B-down=PSI Magnet - (absorber)