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SSBM Rumors

These are rumors I've heard around the web!

I'm not too shure if there are any rumors about Luigi's Mansion, so i'm making the rumors section about Super Smash Bros Melee.

Rumors of Super Smash Bros. Melee


I have heard just about enough of this rumor, and whoever started it must have been really stupid to even think Sonic was in it. This rumor was comfirmed false by many people. I figured it because on the official site, you'll never find a Sonic Team logo. I am a great Sonic Fan, I love the guy (not like that), but even I have some sense.


Okay, this one pissed me off. On the Gamefaqs message board, there's a topic called "What is Shiek?" I swear to God I never want to hear that again. Anyways, this rumor was also confirmed. You start battle off as Zelda. If you press Down-B, Zelda will transform into Shiek, and vice-versa.

Level Rumors:

I've heard many things about levels all around the web. On Super Smash Bros Fantasy World, there's a picture in the Rumor section of Melee World. This picture can be almost anything, but I'm hoping we find out what it is before too many rumors are started.

Secret Characters:

Okay then, This one is starting to clear up. There are less rumors around and people are sticking with the on list. I'm not here to fight with anyone. So I'll post the secret characters as I learn the proper way to unlock them and learn their attacks.







Dr. Mario



Young Link

Mr. Game & Watch

Other Peoples Rumors:

Not Sure
Complete Classic Mode on any level, and hit all the names in the credits at the end and you can hit the one you previously couldn't hit.  Then complete Adventure Mode and afterwards you'll be challenged by Toad.  Beat him and he's all yours.
Jamie Demeter
Fire Emblem Level:
Complete Classic on Very Hard with Roy or Marth and you unlock their stage.
Randy & Sheila

Anything I Missed?:

If theirs a rumor you've heard around the net that isn't on this site, E-mail me to have it posted on the site.