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Speed Devil 49's Page


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LMs Story

How Luigi's got his mansion.

One day, Luigi got word that he won a mansion, from a contest he never entered. Luigi finds out Mario will be there to show him around his new mansion, but when he arrives, Mario is nowhere to be found. And all the doors are locked. Luigi notices a strange golden cloud flying around that drops a key. Luigi takes the key to the upstairs door that the cloud went in. He unlockes the door and wanders around the room. To be scared spookless by the cloud, that was a ghost. The ghost is about to attack Luigi, when an old man with a vacuum on his back chases it around, trying to vacuum it up. After failing to catch it, he introduces himself as Proffesor E. Gadd. More ghosts appear so Luigi and E. Gadd run like a bat out of hell. The proffesor tells Luigi that the mansion only appeared a few days ago, and that a man with a Red Cap like Luigis went inside the mansion, but never came out. Luigi desides to go inside and save Mario. So the proffesor gives him, the Poltergust 3000. Then, the hunt begins.....