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Take a wild guess

Nov 16, 2001-I set up my Beseen Hit Counter and Quizlet. You can now vote in the poll section. Thanks to the guys at I also have a new E-mail (since yahoo screwed up real bad with my address. I'm not getting anything from Beseen even if I have to E-mail them 1, 999, 999, 999 freakin times. So, it's I'll update more another time.

Nov 17, 2001-Added the Luigi's Mansion Story page, and a banner for if you wish to link to my site from yours. I also added a Guestbook and Message Board. The topics are only to be about Luigi's Mansion, Super Smash Bros. Melee and this site. And last but not least, I added a tell your friends button. Happy Hunting, for your Cubes.

Nov 23, 2001-Sorry for the lack of updates, I was too busy playing my Gamecube. Anyways.....I've updated the message board and Guestbook so the pictures actually show. Remember to post what you think of the site. Anyways, enjoy yourselves.

Nov 27, 2001-I have desided that I will make an Unlocking page for Super Smash Bros Melee. My first member will be an old favorite, Luigi, followed up by pictures. I will also put him on the character moves section.

Nov 30, 2001-I've updated the attacks list again, this time with all the attacks proper names from the official webpage. Once again I would like to thank Zethar II's and The Official SSBM Webpages for helping out with their information. I'm hoping they confirm another characters unlocking skill soon.

Also, today is the last day before I change the poll, so hurry up and make your votes.

Dec 1, 2001-The Poll was reset, you can now start with it right away. The winner was Super Smash Bros. Melee, and I'll have 10 pictures up in a few days. I also set up a Stages Section for SSBM (I haven't updated for Luigi's Mansion for a while now. Maybe thats what the next update will be.) Happy Holidays.

Dec 3, 2001-No updates today, except for that I will now begin accepting Smash Mail Challenges, I'm for those who don't remember, and I'm looking forward to some challenges. Happy Dacember folks.

Dec 4, 2001-Got How to unlock Marth and his attacks up. I also updated the links section. I now have the banners up for the sites. I also put up a new one. My new updates will be posted in the updates section. But I'll post update dates on the main site.

Dec 5, 2001-I finally got those pictures I promised up, and I hope your voting on my new poll, I also ask that you ask me if I'm doing something wrong with my site. My guestbook is below and my messageboard is still up. Good day to everyone.

I also would like to point out that today, Super Smash Bros. Melee is buyable. Hope you got your version, I certainly did.

Dec 7, 2001-Today, I've updated the links section with a link to Planet I've also added the picture to the bottom of this update. As that picture changes, I'll add that character to this site. The last thing that was done is in the rumors section. It's the secret characters official picture.

Dec 8, 2001-I've updated the Poll section with the new polls pictures. Thanks to for the pictures.

Dec 9, 2001-I finally made an update for Luigi's Mansion. It's a pretty crappy and useless update, the elementals of Luigis Mansion.

Dec 12, 2001-I've Added Pichu to the page. I'm not shure if the attacks I've posted are the official name for them. I also would like to post that the poll still has no votes, the guestbook is practically empty, and the message board hasn't been used except for me.

Dec 15, 2001-I've decided to make a Music Archive for SSBM. It's only got Alloy Warrior, Big Blue, Brinstar, Brinstar Depths, Corneria, Dr. Mario, Fire Emblem, and Fountain Of Dreams. I've also added how to unlock Poke' Floats, Big Blue, Kingdom II, Fourside and Brinstar Depths.

Dec 16, 2001-I've added Fourside, Green Greens, Great Bay, Hyrule Temple and Icicle Mountain's music to the Music Archive.

Dec 18, 2001-I've added Ganondorf to the cheats section, and later today I'll add him to the moves section.

Dec 20, 2001-I've made a major update on the music archive, I've added Battlefield, Battlefield 2, Big Blue 2, Final Destination, Flat Zone, Great Bay 2, Icicle Mountain 2, Kingdom and finally Kingdom 2. Any theme with a 2 at the end (excluding Kingdom II) is the alternate theme for that level, in other words, the alternate music cheat. Once fully varified, I'll post it in the cheats section. Finally, I've added a new link.

Dec 23, 2001-I've made a Pokeball section, so I can show all the pokemon that come out of the poke'ball items. I've only gotten Celebi up today, and there's only pictures for the moment.

Dec 27, 2001-Sorry for the lack of updates people, today I've got something special. How to get Jigglypuff and the rest of the levels. Thats Flat Zone, Battlefield, Final Destination, Dream Land (N64), Yoshi's Island (N64) and Kongo Jungle (N64).

Dec 31, 2001-Happy New Years everybody, today's New Years Eve, and we're on the last day of the year (well, duh). Yet we're also on the last day of the month, and you know what that means. Today is the last day to post on the poll before it changes, And as you may have also guessed, if you've looked at the official picture at the below, Falco and Dr. Mario are up. Check em out. Happy New Years Everybody.

Jan 1st, 2002-HAPPY NEW YEARS, EVERYONE. It may be my personal favorite holiday, and I don't like doing much on this holiday, but I did this year. Why, I don't know, he's on third, and I don't give a darn (Abbott and Costello). My cousin is trying to make a site greater than mine, about a few weeks old now. A link to it will be posted in the link section. Also, The polls are in, and I've forget that whole thing, I wouldn't have put another site on anyways. Hell, I've barely even worked on Luigi's Mansion here let-a-lone a new game. Besides...Star Wars...I've got it, but...I'm not exactly planning on it anytime soon. So I'll keep it in the records. Until I really plan on adding another game, I'll keep the results on the poll section.

Also, new month, new poll. A new poll has been added. Enjoy that for a while, too. Once again, HAPPY NEW YEARS.

Jan 8, 2002-Here's one that surprised me, I wasn't expecting him until much later, but here he his, the master of psychic disaster, Mewtwo. I've only got his attack list and cheat in, and I'll add the description later.

Jan 11, 2002-I've finally added the Mewtwo description, and am now planning on working on a new section. Once I've gotten an idea on what to work on next, I'll do it. Until then, I've got to study for my English Final.

Jan 13, 2002-Well, my English final is coming up in a couple weeks, so excuse me if some updates don't show up on time. I'm going to make certain that I grab this weeks secret character at the least.

The main point for todays update was for the secret characters currently unlocked on the site. I'm going to have you check it out for yourselves. It's in the characters section, not the rumors.

Jan 15, 2002-The other member of Fire Emblem is up. Roy has been added to the character and rumors section. So be sure to check it out.

Jan 16, 2002-I've finally worked on the Poke'mon Section for the site. I've gotten hopefully everybody up, but I need pictures. If you have any pictures of poke'mon (in SSBM), it would really help if I got those, thank you.

I've also cleaned up the rumors section a little bit. I've placed the pictures in a neater order.

Jan 22, 2002-You're all acting like little children, which is our next secret character unlocked. Young Link has been added to the list of characters. I've added not just him, but a glossary to the site. It's rather useless, but it still made the site. The glossary is for incase you don't understand what a certain word on this site means.

Jan 27, 2002-I know it's been a while since I've last updated, and I'm sure that most of you by now would know that I have been having problems with the basic build-up of the site. By this, I am referring to the bottom of the site. When I first got into Tripod, I recieved an E-mail about something that can remove Web-Gems. But I've long since lost that. So now there are going to be certain changes on this site.

First up, I've added a controls section, one for Luigi's Mansion, And one for Smash Bros. Melee. This is only being added, there will be no major changes on this section.

Secondly, The bottom of the home page is really pissing me off. I can only change the HTML codes I add, I can't delete them. And let-a-lone the Grandia II boss theme is still unremovable from the bottom. If I could just remove them with no problem, life would be much simpler on Tripod.

Third, and finally, is the poll. I'm not too sure if I should keep this up. So, if I don't recieve enough posts on the poll, I'll just remove it. It's the same with the guestbook and message board. This will start next month.

I'd really appreciate any help I can get with these. The controls isn't what I'm talking about, but the rest I'd really appreciate it.

Jan 29, 2002-Today, is the unveiling of the last secret character. If you take a quick look at the upper-right corner, you'll see the black liquid crystal stickman, over 20 years old, Mr. Game & Watch, from the Game & Watch Series. He's the father of the portable gaming systems, and he's finally been unveiled. Today's a good day, indeed.

Feb 1, 2002-Isn't the year just flying by? I'd swear it. But anyways, todays update was for the poll. It seems many of you like the Fire Emblem Team Victory (Marth and Roy) the most. But a lot of you also likes the Zelda Team Victory Theme as well, so maybe in a few days, I'll add the many victory themes to the Music Archive.

Also, I'm sure you all know what happens at the end of the month. If you don't know, check the poll section.