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Speed Devil 49's Page


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SSBM Events

Well, Having trouble?

Here, I'll post how to complete the events and some tips I've learned to make it easier. But first, i'll say how to unlock all events.

How to unlock Event Match Levels 11 - 51:

Levels 11 - 15 = Win 6 different matches from Levels 1-10
Levels 16 - 20 = Win 10 different matches from Levels 1-15
Levels 21 - 25 = Win 16 different matches from Levels 1-20
Levels 26 - 29 = Win 22 different matches from Levels 1-25
Level 30 = Win 27 different matches from Levels 1-29
Levels 31 - 39 = Complete 30 Levels and unlock 4 specific hidden characters
Levels 40 - 50 = Complete 30 Levels and unlock all hidden characters except Pichu
Level 51 = Complete Levels 1-50 and defeat Giga Bowser in Adventure Mode

Trouble King

Fight Bowser in a classic Muchroom Kingdom clash!
Character = Mario
Stage = Battlefield
Objective = Defeat Bowser twice

First one's too easy. Just get bowser off the edge and keep him there by smashing him back. This one's as easy as falling asleep at 3:00 A.M..

Lord of the Jungle

A duel of epic proportions! Which ape is top primate?
Character = Donkey Kong
Stage = Kongo Jungle
Objective = Defeat the tiny Donkey Kong twice

Just like the first one, but a bit harder. As a giant Donkey Kong, just throw the tiny one backwards and slap him with a smash if he trys to return.


Bombs are everywhere in this explosive battle.
Character = Select Character
Stage = Princess Peach's Castle
Objective = Defeat Link and Samus once each

This one has no really basic description, so either knock them straight up, or knock them off sideways.


A giant Yoshi is on the loose! Somebody stop it!
Character = Select Character
Stage = Yoshi's Story
Objective = Defeat a giant Yoshi once

How lame are these first few. Since you have the advantage 3-1 in stock, pound the crap out of it. It's as simple as that.

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