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Speed Devil 49's Page


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You little cheater!

Cheats for Luigi's Mansion

Other Mansion Mode:

After you save Mario and finish the game once. You'll get a letter grade depending on how well you did. Save. You can now choose to go back to the origional mansion, or a different one (slightly different).

Hidden Hearts:

If your low on life, check objects like lamps and stuff. You'll get life for almost every two hearts.

50 Boos:

If you get all 50 Boos that you released at the beginning of the game, you'll get a Large Diamond. I'm not to sure what it's worth.

Secret Warp Zones:

If you need to shortcut back to the main entrance of the mansion, go to any mirror (except the one which reflects invisible ghosts) and you'll be warped back to the entrance.


After you've got the water element for your Poltergust 3000, go to the seed in the yard and water it. Enter the dog house and beat the shadow boss. Afterwards, water the plant again. Play through the game until you beat the 15 Boos. Then return to the plant and water it and you'll get a large diamond.

Cheats For Super Smash Bros Melee

There are cheats which can be unlocked one of two ways. one of these ways are by playing Vs Mode a certain amount of times. Now, to get these cheats, you must play these times NIAR, thats my word for Not In A Row.



In stage 1-1 in Adventure Mode, you must finish when the seconds is two (not 2 seconds before it ends, any number that ends with two in the seconds part of the time, like ##: #2. ##). Then you must defeat Luigi.
Alternative = Play Vs Mode 800 Times. (NIAR)


Use the original 14 characters in Vs Mode or any regular match.
Alternative = Play VS Mode 400 Times. (NIAR)


Complete Event 37.
Alternative = Play Vs Mode 200 Times. (NIAR)


Finish event 29.
Alternative = Play Vs Mode 600 Times. (NIAR)


Clear either Adventure or Classic Mode.
Alternative = Play Vs Mode 50 Times. (NIAR)


Complete the 100-Man Melee.
Alternative = Play Vs Mode 300 Times. (NIAR)

Dr. Mario:

Complete any 1P Mode Game with Mario without continuing.
Alternative = Play Vs Mode 100 Times. (NIAR)


Complete 20 hours of Vs Mode. (NIAR)
Alternative = Play Vs Mode 700 Times. (NIAR)


Complete Classic Mode as Marth without continuing.
Alternative = Play Vs Mode 900 Times. (NIAR)

Young Link:

Complete Classic Mode with 10 different characters. (NIAR)
Alternative = Play Vs Mode 500 Times. (NIAR)

Mr. Game & Watch:

Complete the Classic and Adventure Mode/Target Test with the 24 other characters. (NIAR)
Alternative = Play Vs Mode 1000 Times. (NIAR)


Brinstar Depths, Fourside, Big Blue, and Poke' Floats:

After 50 VS matches (NIAR), one of these four stages will be unlocked. After 50 more (NIAR), another opens up, etc.

Kingdom II:

From the trophy machine, you must get a Birdo trophy. For those of you who've never played a Mario game in his / her life, Birdo is a pink creature with a hole for a nose.


Complete All-Star Mode.

Final Destination:

Complete all 51 events.

Dreamland (N64):

Complete all 25 Target Tests.

Yoshi's Island (N64):

As Yoshi, get 1300 feet on the Home-run Contest.

Kongo Jungle (N64):

Complete the 15-Minute Melee.

More Coming Soon